Step 3 - Ideat Designs

  • working with clients

We analyze the information we gathered from our client meetings along with the raw data collected through interviews, surveys, and puzzles. We sift through this content and update our understanding of the user and of their challenges.

We use ideation sessions where no idea is discounted and everyone participates. We use whiteboards, and post-its, and visual aids - anything and everything is open for discussion. We then organize all of the ideas. We discuss and defend and dismiss pieces as we collectively form the ideas of what a great possible future experience might be.

We work several ideas at the same time. We create narratives - 'beginning to end' stories which tell a moment in life of a user with the new experience. The narratives are then done as storyboards. We meet with the client to share the narrative and share the storyboards. This is an opportunity to insure the designs align with the client's goals.

Incorporating the client feedback, we create sketches and other fast, disposable, media to capture the best ideas we want to test.