Bradán Lane Studio

Understanding our client’s goals
and their users’ needs

Bradán Lane Studio offers design education, user research, interaction design, and progressive web application services for our clients.

We are a team of creative people, ready to assist with your design needs.

More About Us

We started as a small development team providing progressive web solutions. We knew end users had a high expectation from their consumer apps. We learned our business users wanted their application to be complementary between their mobile and desktop experiences, and business applications could be as intuitive as personal consumer apps. We worked with large and small development teams for mobile, desktop, and web.

Our expertise to understand the user’s needs set us on a new path; one which lead to the creation of Bradán Lane Studio.

Our process is simple - focus first on understanding the client’s goals and their users’ needs.

We deliver a highly collaborative experience for our clients with complete transparency. We work with you to outline the plan, run user research, sift through the data, and iterate the design through each stage - sketches, wire-frames, prototypes, and photo realistic renderings. For iterative projects, we provide embedded feedback to drive additional research, greater user understanding, and direction for future features and improvements. We work with your development team or provide our own to deliver your final solution.


Our Services

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  • User Interviews, Surveys, and Results Analysis

    We integrate user research into every project. We start by understanding who your users are, what they do, and how they do it. This tells us what works, what doesn't, and how to best improve the experience for them. By employing a range of research tools - from high fidelity one-on-one user interviews, to high volume hand crafted surveys, we build a complete picture. Through analyzing the data, we gain insights into what motivates your users - how they feel, why they act, and what they hope to achieve.

  • Sketches, Wire-frame, Interactive Prototypes

    Design thinking lets us break free of linear problem solving and deliver an outstanding experience for the user. Testing those ideas is an iterative process. Using sketches we quickly trial ideas - keeping the best and crumpling up the worst. Sketches evolve into wire-frames and then to interactive prototypes. We test with your users and keep them involved throughout the process. Our experiences show, "The more the user is involved, the more invested they become in our success, and the more excited they are with the product."

  • Progressive Web Application Development

    Our roots are with progressive application development and we continue that tradition. We have a small development team which supports both our interactive prototyping offerings as well as project solutions. We are happy to work alongside your developers to augment your resources and deliver a cutting edge front-end experience with your infrastructure services.

  • Customized Training in User Centered Design and Design Thinking

    We have a passion for delivering great user experience and we love to share that excitement with our clients. If you are new to user centered design or are looking to add a fresh outlook with design thinking, we provide tailored training to your needs. We will focus on one step or the entire process. We lead groups in each step from empathy mapping, user interviews, and ideation sessions to sketching, prototypes, and crafting user lead roadmaps.


How We Work

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design process step 1

Step 1: Client Collaboration


design process step 2

Step 2: User Research


design process step 3

Step 3: Ideat Designs


design process step 4

Step 4: User Testing


design process step 5

Step 5: Mockups and Prototypes


design process step 6

Step 6: Iteration Testing


design process step 7

Step 7: Development


design process step 8

Step 8: Solution Delivery